June 13, 2011

Homemade Butter 2

Thinking of homemade butter.  I decided to see if I could find a few butter items on the Scavenger Hunters sites.

Amber Vintage Moon and Stars Butter Dish

I could see this Amber butter dish sitting on my grandmothers oak kitchen table, filled with the homemade butter. I found it at Barb's Bargain Express.

Federal Glass Bread Butter Plate

Comyc Girl's store has this lovely Federal glass bread and butter plate. Perfect for warm homemade blueberry muffin and melting butter.

My grandmothers home had hand painted details along the ceiling, on her table cloths and curtains. She made extra money selling hand painted table cloths and draperies to the local stores. For a modern version of her home accents, Walls That Talk has Vinyl Wall Lettering. I happen to like this one.

California Bread and Butter Plate Wedgwood Sold below
Nothing shows off homemade butter than a bread and butter plate by Wedgwood Just mold the fresh butter into shapes and place on each plate, along with that slice of homemade bread.

Speaking of mold I found this elegant candy mold, At Comyc Gyrl I am sure you could use it for butter.

Wilton Cookie Candy Tin Mold Barcelona




Wooden mold are traditional. "If you want to try it yourself, the trick in a successful casting is to first soak and chill the mold. Then, after packing the butter in, refrigerate until firm, and then pop out onto a plate. If you want to make your own butter to match the handsome form, all you need is fresh whipping cream. Whisk or beat past the whipped cream stage until the butterfat forms firm yellow lumps and separates from the remaining buttermilk. (Save the buttermilk: let it sit out at room temperature overnight to culture, and either drink it or use it in cooking.) Paddle and press the butter in several washes of cold water until there are no traces of buttermilk left. Salt if desired. Pack into soaked and chilled wooden molds, refrigerate to harden and then un-mold. "