June 29, 2011

A fire in the belly

Twilights Slumber
 A fire in the belly is a good way to start.

The glow of a fire will light your way. Now this Oil lamp had the Grim Reaper relaxing in wait What a conversation piece when placed on a table as part of a center piece. Will he tell tales or just keep an eye. What ever you do if he starts to stand. Pay attention.

Hazel's HodgePodge

Perhaps to balance the table you need a guardian angel. Does she guard and keep the reaper in repose? Or just remind you of blessings your granted throughout the day. Light the candle behind her and watch as she glows.

Comycgyrl Collectibles

On a cooler tone what have I found but Fire King Milk glass Pot. For that fiery touch, inset a red hot chili plant inside. Placed on your table it will keep you warmed, and great for adding that spice to you dishes!

You notice the theme I have begun. 

Smoking Head Whimsy

Thinking of fire what have I missed, of course the Wanna See Smoke Coming Out Of My Ears as my brain is steaming along. A collectible show piece for most, practical for those who still smoke.

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