June 2, 2011

Jewelry, Bracelets, Earrings

The past few days I have taken my focus of books and decide to work on posting jewelry for sale.

  1. I started by taking pictures of a few of the pieces, I did miss a few colors, as I emptied 5 boxes of jewelry onto dining room table! I have a few pictures which need to be redone. Namely the crystal earrings.
  2. Title. Red heart bracelet is to general a description. Heart Rhinestone Belt Buckle Style Slide Charm Bracelet - Bright Red. Now I have a title that accurately describes the item.
  3. Description. I need more that the title how may Rhinestones, what type of clasp, color variations, texture, size.
  4. The Google attributes are next.
  5. Finally I started to post, double checking the colors of the items against the computer screen.
  6. I added a color chart onto my blog as a reference.
As I was sorting the earrings I noticed the 4 mm crystals have more than one color and two different shapes.

I will have to regroup and focus on the earrings again tomorrow. In the meantime, if you notice a photo you would recommend I redo please let me know. My eyes are tired, ad I have to clear off the dining room table ... maybe tomorrow.