August 8, 2010

Animals on the Loose

The child in me is filled with delight, when I see these within my site.

People Pooches take time to train, and you will find Chihuahua is just right as rain.

Now dogs are just stealing the Show! Neurotic Dog just have to go.

You can begin to learn with In Persian Cats or go for The Ultimate book on cats.

Easter Bunny is only once a year, but Rabbits exist all year!

Perhaps some day you will run, a Boarding Kennel, a hotel of fun!

Health for Dogs &Cats is just the thing, or just give the Veterinarian a ring.

Plush Leopards, Otters, and Bears are fine, but a book on Gorillas is an excellent find.

News Flash
Florida's Creeping Crawlers out of hand Nile monitors, green iguanas, and other invasive reptiles are breeding in Florida. ... They are currently highly localized in the Cape Coral area.

As for exotic I for you, books about Snakes and Iguanas to work in a zoo.

Recommended viewing
National Geographic Kids Video: Really Wild Animals: Swinging Safari
Part of the Really Wild Animals series brought to video by National Geographic, this educational kids' program is a trip into the jungles of the Dark Continent called Africa. From the wild plains of the famed Serengeti to the burning sands of the Sahara, this swinging safari has all the highlights and none of the mosquitoes. Young viewers follow along with Spin, the animated globe (voiced by Dudley Moore), as they learn the habitat of such diversified animals as the chimpanzee, the rhino and the king of the jungle, the lion. Also featured are the survival techniques of the world's fastest cat, the cheetah, and the creepy crocodiles of the Congo. ~ C. Dwayne Smith, All Movie Guide

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