August 11, 2010

Windows of Silk

When you have a home with these fabulous tall windows tall 10'-14' ceilings. Your standard 84" drapery panel is just to short for the windows. I discovered 120" draperies give you that elegant look you are looking for.

Silk draperies give you an luxurious feeling in any situation. Lining is necessary to protect the silk as well as give the draperies body.

To get the look of the window on the left use Blue Silk Pinch Pleat Drapery panel on a rod. Topped with gold curtain ties backs in a non-traditional manner by hanging them at the top of the draperies. This is a stationary application with Silhouette Blinds for privacy. Note here the pinch pleats have been carefully opened to allow the use of a two inch rod. A rod designed to hole pinch pleats would be an easier application.

The second room show the 120" drapery hanging in a room with 10' 9" ceiling. Note the draperies do kiss the floor. The ceiling color has been brought down 6" onto the upper wall, with the draperies just below. Again a stationary application with Silhouette Blinds for privacy.

You can find more decorating ideas in Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book.

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