August 28, 2010

Pearls are gems of thought ...

... wisdom in the making

When I was a little girl. My great grand mother told me an idea is like a pearl, it grows as you nurture it.

Wearing pearls remind me I have ideas worth nurturing. But they also remind me of my great grandmother.

Inventions, stories and songs all begin with an idea. If you ignore the idea you do not give it value. Take your idea nurture it. Write it down help it grown and you will have a pearl you value.

Country Western singers find value in their life experiences, by expressing them in their music.

Writers place value in their ideas by sharing them with us in newspapers, movies, television shows and books.

Scientist have made a huge impact on our life. They have given their pearls of wisdom value, changing our live tremendously in the last 100 years.

Where would we be today if no one placed value behind the computer, phone, television, and electric range?

Please nurture your pearls, the ideas will always enrich your lives.

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