August 25, 2010

A week of fun

You will notice, I have not been active since the 15th. The 16th was my birthday! I got the best birthday present ever!

My husband and daughter managed to surprise me! On the evening of my birthday, after I got home from work, my husband told me a package had arrived and he placed it our daughter's bedroom. Now, I was wondering why he placed it in there, but I of course went back to check it out. When I opened the door there stood Deborah! She had arrived from LA 5 minutes before I pulled into the garage.

Now we had a wonderful 3 days, Deborah's flight left on Thursday.

She did talk me into obtaining a new laptop, and a camera. I have thus changed from an Apple G-4 lap-top to an Acer with window 7. The G-4 has been a wonderful computer, but is going obsolete. The Apple survived a fall from the aircraft overhead hitting the floor, yes things do shift especially when you forget to zip the pocket closed. The G-4 works fine, just slowly, and has decided to eat the Harry Potter disk I was listening to.

I will say there is a learning curve. The keys are placed differently. And I have almost figured out how to print everything I need.

The screen is smaller than I am used, am I a convert to windows? I will let you know.

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