August 13, 2010

Visit the American West in The Southern Devil

The Southern Devil by Diane Whiteside

Even a perfect gentleman has a little devil in him.

Once an orphaned, starving, Confederate war veteran, Morgan Evans is now a wealthy man respected for both his business acumen and his chivalrous Southern manners. He would be the perfect catch for any woman, but only one holds his constant attention. Jessamyn Tyler Evans has been his obsession since the time she derailed one of his spy missions by holding him hostage in her bed for days. Her innocent explorations awakened a fierce hunger inside the young Morgan, and the passion and intimacy they shared frightened them both. Jessamyn spurned Morgan for his cousin, and Morgan vowed that someday he would drive her as wild with desire as she had driven him. Now Jessamyn has returned. The payback has begun...

Jessamyn has an obsession of her own: hunting for a legendary family treasure in the hills of Colorado. To do so, the spirited widow needs a husband, and Morgan Evans is only too happy to join her masquerade...for a price: she must submit to being his, body and soul, surrendering herself to whatever he demands. It's a devil's bargain to be sure.

Their union is as treacherous as it is passionate--and the only thing they can trust. Searching for a treasure that may not exist--a treasure others would kill for--two lovers are moving deeper into unmarked territory, where no threat is more perilous than everything they feel...

A Romance Review

Morgan Evans survived the horror of the Civil War to find his family dead and the woman he has always wanted beyond his reach. Years later Morgan is a wealthy Southern gentleman well known and respected for his business insight. He would make some lucky woman a fine catch but there is only one woman for Morgan, Jessamyn Tyler Evans, his childhood friend and his cousin’s widow. She has been the object of his every carnal thought since the night she thwarted one of his spy missions by holding him hostage in her attic bedroom. He vowed to return the favor someday and bind her to his bed where he would practice every erotic art he knew. Now the opportunity has arrived for Morgan to fulfill his vow.
Jessamyn needs a man - now. She is determined to save her family estate from the threat that yellow fever poses to the region. To do so, she has to claim the treasure she inherited that lays somewhere deep in the Colorado mountains. However, only a male member of the family can claim the map to the legendary fortune and Morgan seems only too willing to help. The price for his aid may be more than Jessamyn can pay but the temptation to surrender her body and even her soul to Morgan is too much to resist. Their passionate partnership will save their souls and possibly their lives because Morgan and Jessamyn aren’t the only ones searching for the treasure.

The Southern Devil, the latest in Diane Whiteside’s connected series, is so hot, so deeply sensual, so richly drawn you will have visions of sultry southern nights. Lovingly detailed with characters you will love and despise plus an adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat The Southern Devil is a sinfully delicious thrill.


Reviewed in August 2006 by Cynthia.

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