August 31, 2010

My morning with books.

I sit here with my cup of coffee, looking at all the books in various stages of listing. I have not begun yet this morning, as I just checked for orders, they will be filled and shipped first.

How do I operate?

I check for orders 3-4 times a day.

First thing in the morning, after lunch, around 4 pm (or before I take my husband to the doctor's office) and before I shut down for the day. Rush orders will be taken to the post office the day, I receive them, the exception is when the order comes in while I have my husband at the doctor's office. These are shipped as soon as possible.

When I acquire a book, it first get a good dusting.

I then examine the book and list as many faults as I see. I will admit, I am human, I can and do make a mistakes.

Each book is a single copy, very seldom do I obtain two copies in the same shape.

First I look at the cover, then I check the pages, The title page is the last place I check for edition and printing. Dust Jackets (DJ) must also be checked. Next is setting a fair price. I do want to make money, but I want you to be happy and come back. Right now I have many books priced at $0.99. I think this is fair, as it does take me time to list each book. These same books on other sites are $2.79.

Now listing...The title comes first, I then enter a description of the book and sometimes a synopsis. Older books take longer to list than newer books. No ISBN means I have to do more research on the value of the book. I list the publisher, edition, and printing on each book. I then do the coding.

Now comes the next step, I clean the books a second time! Yes they get cleaned twice. This time I check for sticker residual from old price tags. If I spot a condition fault I do not remember, I set the book to the side, to check the listing.

Photos come next, when I first began I would do 4- 20 pictures per book, now I do one for each book. If I feel the condition warrants more I take more. The photos are then loaded onto the computer and I crop them. I do not do much more to the photos, as I will have 80 or more photos to deal with at a time, the most 750. This last weekend I have been working with text books. I have not gotten them beyond the examination stage yet.

My books are listed on Amazon and Alibris. The text books are active there, and I have sold a few already. (They got their second cleaning before shipping!)

Once a book is listed I have to shelve and store them until they sell. Once a book sells, it is again check for condition. I will and have cancel an order if the book does not look like my description.

Do I ship over seas? Yes I have shipped to China, New Zealand, Australia, France and Germany. These orders are check to make sure there are no import-export restrictions I will be violating. I do believe in following the law.

Will I add a shipment elsewhere? Yes, If you pay the shipping and import fees.

Do you want more photos? Yes, I will take more and usually add these to the listing. If you do not purchase the book someone else might have the same questions.

Other Item I list go through the same process.

My clothing photos need to be redone, as I do not do well with indoor photography. Looks like Sally and I will be moving out doors for the next photo shoot. Oh who is Sally? She is my antique dressmaking form, who cannot get a size 6 waist! Well, neither can I! We are such great friends.