August 13, 2010

Christian Mystery

A Lady Trent Mystery Series by Gilbert Morris

Victorian England comes alive in this intriguing new series from one of Christian fiction's favorite authors. Gilbert Morris, a well-know Christian author and winner of the Christy Award, background includes being a pastor and professor of English at Ouachita Babtist Universary in Arkansas. Enjoy his Lady Trent Mystery series.

1. The Mermaid in the Basement

A wealthy widow of a nobleman, daughter of a famous scientist, and skeptic who only trusts what can be proven. Meet Serafina Trent. A woman about to take 19th Century London by storm. It's London, 1857, and everything is at stake for Serafina Trent. A woman of means...but not the typical Victorian lady who feels her place is to be seen and
not heard. When her brother's most recent female dalliance, a beautiful actress, is found murdered, all evidence points to him. Especially since the actress had just rejected him in a most public manner. Now everyone believes Clive is headed for the gallows. Everyone, that is, but Serafina.

Determined to prove her brother's innocence, Serafina finds herself working with unlikely allies--including Dylan Tremayne, a passionate storyteller and actor with a criminal past. This novel will hold fans of mystery and history spellbound until the very last page. Victorian England comes alive in this intriguing new series from one of Christian fiction's favorite authors.

2. A Conspiracy of Ravens

Lady Trent's sleuthing skills are put to the test in a Victorian mystery about mischief, murder, and a lost heir.

With the aid of her partner Dylan Tremayne, Lady Serafina Trent aims to help her neighbors-the Haydens-determine who the true heir is to their sizable estate. After some investigating, she shocks the Haydens when she reveals that the child they believed had died at birth is actually alive and living as a criminal in London's worst slum. Then the Hayden's butler is murdered and the stakes are dangerously raised.

Lady Serafina must employ her famous scientific reasoning to help her discover answers before foul play strikes again-though her beloved reason fails to explain her growing attraction to Dylan . .. Enjoy Victorian England through the eyes of Christian Fiction's most beloved author.

3. Sonnet to a Dead Contessa

Serafina must rely on her wits and newfound trust in God to save her from a killer known only as "The Slasher" in the story that concludes the Lady Trent Mysteries.

Women from the upper end of British society are being targeted by a killer known as The Slasher. When her best friend becomes the latest victim, Lady Trent vows to capture the murderer with the help of her partner Dylan Tremayne. The case sends her head spinning, but her personal life is even more complicated as she finds herself falling in love with Dylan. Having sworn to never marry again, she is shocked by the depths of her feelings for this charming actor.

When all clues point to Lady Trent as the killer's next intended victim, she has to come to terms with the fact that she's not ready to die. Dylan, a devout Christian, has to lead her to a new life of faith-a life she finds is not as easy as she'd imagined.

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